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Skateboarding Animations

Hand drawn, and hand painted animations of different skateboarders.
Each frame set is made on 18x24" water color paper. Media includes acrylic, watercolor, and ink.

deedz post its.jpeg

Didrik Galasso from the ACE Trucks "Our Turn" Video. 

Graphite on Post-it notes. April 2021


Tanner Van Vark from REAL Skateboards Short part on IGTV.

Acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. Dec 2020.


Sean Kelly Traverse City, MI Skatepark.

Acrylic on watercolor paper. Nov 2020

Louie Barletta from Enjoi's "Bag of Suck Video".

Watercolor on watercolor paper. Oct. 2020

Remy Taveira

Remy Taveira from the Giddy 11 "Rough Cut".

Ink on watercolor paper. Sept. 2020

Jahmir Brown.jpg

Jahmir Brown from his "DC" part on Thrasher Mag.

Acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. Sept. 2020

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